Stand Fast! That is a family Scottish motto that I have come to know with my married life. Meaning – refuse to abandon ones opinion or belief.

I just did a Juice Fast, during which I had to Stand Fast! I had to hold onto my belief that I was doing the right thing for my body, mind and spirit, by resetting all of my internal “clocks”. Twice a year, for about 10 years, I have disciplined myself to a practice that I have come to love. I have come to count on this practice to bring it all down, to bring me down, and then let me launch back into the world, always a little different from the experience. Be ready for that shift, it may catch you by surprise, as it did for me after this fast.

It is scary to think of going a day, let alone many days, without chewing food. This fast was enhanced by the company of a couple of adventuresome women who took the plunge and pushed the limit. It made it a community event!

Do I stand alone with this practice? History shows that this has been a well recognized way to heal the body and enhance spiritual awareness.

Truly, it sounds so far removed and distant, you are doing what??!! Are you kidding??!! Why would you do that to yourself?

Watch the video, get excited, and give yourself the fasting plunge! Share your experience with all of us.


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