Introducing Anna’s Experience – A Walk Into Whole Foods Shopping & Eating

IMG_2032I am not radical…I am just a regular suburban mother.

I have studied and practiced yoga since I was pregnant with my second daughter. Over the years it has shifted my life perspective, little by little. Generally I do not like to give myself labels, for fear of not “measuring up”. So although I am a yoga instructor (for 7 years) I do not feel that I fit the mold.

Yoga has guided and re-directed my awareness over these last 13 or so years, but it did not totally eradicate the influences, habits and traditions that had filled my life for the first 33 years. Yoga introduced the concept of mindfulness and living in the moment.  But it was hard to dramatically change my eating habits and those of my young family. It was still all so new to me and my journey on this path seemed to always be a beginning. All of this is to serve as explanation as to my slow ‘coming around’ to better eating and a more plant-based diet.

But recently I came to the urgent decision that the time is NOW. I decided I needed to take control of my health, my well-being and my life.  So I decided to dive in head first into this crazy world of ‘plant-based’ whole foods diet and living. I have chosen to bring my family along with me on this journey.  But I will accommodate their special request from time to time to keep them satiated and to prevent full on revolt!

My journey begins with a simple recipe that I have mastered, and I can tweak according to the ingredients that I have on hand. Never perfect, certainly not wanting to label myself, I am stepping into this way of shopping, cooking and eating, one meal at a time.

Here is a link to the Kale and Mint Salad that has become a first staple for me. Hints from my experience:

  • I adore mint and really wanted to try this recipe
  • I am not sure if you can substitute with another herb… but maybe cilantro could be suitable
  • I decided to throw some kidney beans on top. But in the end I do not think it enhanced the salad.  The walnuts were enough.  But you decide what you like and what works for you.

There are definitely mixed reviews at the dinner table every night but overall I think it is good for everyone, even if it seems weird and different and takes some adjusting. If the kids and family don’t like it, they can always have a bowl of cereal or grilled cheese (that they make themselves)!





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  1. Kristin says:

    Thanks Anna for sharing! I congratulate you on diving in, very often we find something to delay what we know in our minds to be the right thing to do! The kale salad looks amazing!

    • Anna says:

      Kristin. I totally agree. Though I couldn’t actually dive in, I keep moving forward, inch by inch till I am completely submerged. I feel like I’m moving in the right direction. Thanks for following and engaging. And the kale mint salad is amazing and surprisingly hearty. It comes for a great website called Hope to keep in touch

  2. lisa says:

    hi anna! i know where you are coming from. i myself made the leap into living a whole foods plant based vegan diet over 7 years ago and i am raising my 4 year old son vegan. he has never eaten any animal products and he has been to the farm sanctuaries to meet the cows and pigs and horses and sheep so he knows exactly why he is vegan.

    i taught myself to cook vegan and now i even have a blog! you can find many family friendly easy to make recipes at lisa’s project: vegan (

    think pesto, baked tofu, tempeh, beans, cakes, cookies, salads, gravy, thanksgiving, passover, etc, etc!

    you can also read “my vegan story” here:

    good luck on your journey and be in touch!


    • Anna says:

      Lisa: Your website and blog are amazing. I perused it last night and discovered Isa and the vegan mac and cheese. I’ve been experimenting with various versions of M&C, and yet to find one that satisfies the whole gang. This one is on my list to try next.

  3. Chris says:

    I’m trying this tonight! Thanks for sharing your experience in such an honest and low-pressure way. We’ve also taken our eating to the “green side”, but I’ve found myself slipping recently back into poor habits. Instead of being disappointed, I realize I should just try to remember how much better my body and mind feel after being on track with healthier eating. Thanks for reminding me of this 🙂

    • Anna says:

      Thanks for your comment. I am with you 100%…Best not to get down on ones’ self for slipping back. I try to use each meal or situtation an opportunity to choose a healthy option rather than holding myself to a strict standard across the board. It seems more manageable and I find I am more successful that way. It is amazing how much better and and lighter I feel while also being compassionate with myself.

  4. mandy macrae says:

    Great start, keep it going, pure food is so much more satisfying and healthy for all!1

  5. Anna says:

    Thanks Mandy for your encouragement. One meal at a time…

  6. Katharine says:

    Great stuff Anna! Inspiring for sure. I especially love the part about the kids getting a bowl of cereal or making themselves a grilled cheese sandwich!

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