Our Mission

mothering Mother staff with Sydney, Summer 2012

mothering Mother staff with Sydney, Summer 2012

Mission Statement

Everyday there is a news story about an environmental or health crisis, and often both. mothering Mother® strives to empower people with action oriented behavior that moves each of us toward greater health and a smaller environmental footprint. mothering Mother’s guidance starts in the kitchen! Eating is one of the most repetitive activities that you do in your lifetime, and the foods that you eat greatly determine your health and the health of the environment. Using step-by-step instruction and sharing relevant insights and articles, mothering Mother shows how food preparation is an easy way to start to make the shift from “crisis management” to “vibrant living”, relocating the stewardship of ourselves and our earth into the capable hands of every individual.


Our Guiding Principles

Create reusable products to replace disposable ones that are as accessible and affordable as possible; endeavor to make mothering Mother for everyone. The value of the cotton bag is manyfold. Our cotton products come from the earth, and can ultimately return to the earth. Filling the bags with fresh food, in the simplest form that was originally made available to us, is a gentle nudge toward Nature. This should not be a luxury only afforded to some, but something that can be available to all. Each decision regarding mothering Mother™ products bears this consideration.

Share and teach the concept of mothering Mother Nature through daily lifestyle changes. Our items may be bought for your own personal use, or as a gift for another. If for yourself, then you are inviting a change of habits into your life. If bought for another, then you are encouraging their care of the environment. We hope to always provide some insight with our products, and inspiration to take the next step for each individual to mother Mother.

Make taking care of Mother Earth a joy, not a chore. Our name on each bag serves as a reminder to “mother Mother”, and by simply going about your usual tasks, you are doing that. By using our cotton produce and bulk bags for purchases at the store or market you are decreasing the use of plastic in our world, and increasing your personal contact with a reusable natural product. Each time you use them, you can know that you have reduced your potential impact on Mother Earth.

The most basic of our guiding principles is to make a bona fide difference to Mother Nature. mothering Mother is the distillation of 20 plus years of mothering and 20 plus years of environmental passion. We at mothering Mother are working for you and Mother Nature, and for the wellness of both.