Yoga Sutra Readings

January 18th

From The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Dev


Book II Sutra 43 – pp 213-214

The New Year is often marked with intentions for goodness in our lives. Can we burn away old habits in the body, the mind and speech, replacing them with new and beneficial habits? How can we create new habits from pathways that feel well-worn and deeply ingrained in our life?



November 16th

From The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi



A Foundation for Transformation & Book 1 Sutra (Chapter) I

This is many pages of reading. Give yourself time to absorb these words, reading only a couple of pages each day.

How does it make you feel – in your body? In your mind?

secret power of yoga

October 19th


Book II Sutra 1

How crazy is it to think of pain as beneficial? And surrendering – how do you know when to push and when to surrender? How to surrender and feel intact with you?

white flag


Sept 28th


Book I Sutras 1-4

The mind is made up of thoughts. We cannot touch them but we certainly can feel them, throughout our body. One thought can create a cascade of thoughts to follow.

How do we create thoughts? Change thoughts?

Or do thoughts create us?

How does this quote resonate in your life?

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Readings from Past Gatherings

June 8th

Book I Sutra 15 & Book II Sutra 55

The senses – how do they inform you, guide you, distract you and perhaps derail you? Are they guiding you to places you want to go?


May 11th

Book I Sutra 33

This Sutra, nicely nestled into the Portion on Contemplation (Book I), is an abrupt change in approach. This hands-on Sutra gives us answers, not theory.

Are we watching to know when to use a key? How can we practice to know which key to use?


Apr 6th

Book 1 Sutras 15-16

These two Sutras give the definitions of discernment and non-attachment.
Reflect on attachments you may have. How do they affect your feelings and actions? Are there ways for you to reduce or overcome them?

Mar 2nd

Book 1 Sutras 1-4

These Sutras give us the definition and goal of yoga. How relevant do they feel to you and what you are seeking in yoga?

Jan 19th

Book 2 Sutras 33 & 34

As we come into the New Year, which is often a time of increased energy and effort to adopt new habits to better ourselves in some way, we will look at the changing behavior potential of these 2 Sutras.

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Dec 15th

Book 2 Sutras 46-50

We will keep it simple this month. Let’s ground ourselves back into the most tangible of the koshas – the body and the breath. Read about asana and reflect on its value and relationship to your seated practice. Read about the breath, the prana, and also connect it with your practices.

And then come to the gathering to sit and breathe with others.

Peace & Light


Nov 17th

Book 2 Sutras 30, 31, 35-39 – The Yamas (Abstinences)

Why does that word ‘abstain’ frighten us, and cause us to either shrink away or approach with extreme caution? Can we tip toe into them, or must they be embraced whole heartedly?

Read, reflect, and come to the gathering to share your thoughts and insights.

Peace & Lightabstinence

Oct 20th

Book I Sutras 12-15

In these few Sutras Patanjali gives us all the instructions we need on how to transform the mind. Yet why is this so difficult for us to do?

Read these Sutras, reflect, and I look forward to hearing from you when we next gather.

Blessings & Love


Sept 22nd 

Book 1 Sutra 2
Book 4 Sutra 18


Can you recognize and feel when the “vrittis” are swirling? Has meditation helped you to glimpse flashes of “Purusha”?

Reflect on what predominant “vrittis” in your mind are blocking the experience of “Purusha”.



June 15th


Book 2 Sutras 40-44 – The Niyamas (Observances)

The Niyamas are the second of the eight limbs of yoga. They offer guidance for our daily “off the meditation mat” life.

Read through a Niyama a day, and circle back and read them again, letting the repetition infuse a little further into you.

*Note – We looked at Book 2 Sutra 40 a month ago, comparing the Sutra with other references Patanjali made to the body. Now we will look at this Sutra as it pertains to daily life.

This is our final gathering until September.


June 2nd 

Book 1 Sutras 32-34- The Four Locks and Keys (Sutra 33) are nestled between sutras on concentration and breathing.

Read and reflect first on the possible reason for this, and then go into your own experience and see what truth lies there for you.

Bring this with you to our gathering.


May 11th 

Book 2 Sutra 40 – Read the Sutra and the commentary many times. Reflect and look back at other Sutras where Patanjali discusses use of the body to further meditation.

Reflect on the way in which your body hinders or accelerates your practice.


April 28th 

Book 2 Sutras 49-53
Pranayama – read the Sutras and the commentary once. Then read just the Sutras and feel (breath) them.

Come to our gathering wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to breath fully and easily. Let’s expand together!