Thank You For Alerting Us


Thank you Donald Trump for letting women know how men talk about them in the locker room. Thank you Hilary for staying married to a man who has committed more than questionable acts against women. This presidential race is more about women than it is about domestic and foreign policy.

I came close to just strolling past the above photo in the cosmetic section of a large department store in NYC this weekend. But with the recent presidential glaring spotlight on women, I doubled back to look again. While taking the picture a woman in the store wanted to give me her commentary on the photo. We bonded through our disgust.

Let’s see, according to this ad Mother Nature created breasts on women to…. sell perfume?! This image tells me that if I use this product I will have breasts? Or maybe I will have people’s attention, both men and women?

In actuality are men the only misogynists? Are women misogynists? A naked woman selling a product to women. A woman showing us how women wield power. A woman entrenching both males and females into the sexist traps.

Women – do we present ourselves to be sexy and attractive to men, and to be the envy of other women? Do these sexual issues rest with men alone, or are we women contributing to it with the way that we judge ourselves and other women?

The messages are blatant and subtle. We are all affected by them.

Is this who we are and what we are really about?

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