Sydney’s Story

Sydney MacInnis, motheringMother

Sydney MacInnis

Founder mothering Mother
Holistic Nutritionist
Cordon Bleu Cook
Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Sydney MacInnis trained as a Holistic Nutritionist in Toronto, Canada, completing her studies in June 2003.  Throughout her life, nutrition,health and a connection with the environment have been interests for Sydney.  Childhood health challenges were exacerbated and possibly a result of eating the wrong foods. These challenges led Sydney down a food path that began with becoming a vegetarian.

Formal training at the Cordon Bleu Cookery School in London for a year instilled a thorough understanding of food preparation, but as a vegetarian, Sydney missed out on sampling much of what the Cordon Bleu offered.

In the words of a classmate whom Sydney recently visited, “I never knew why you were at school because everything that we prepared was not your style of food.”  From here Sydney worked in Toronto as a cook in private homes, completed her BA at the University of Toronto, and qualified as a Montessori teacher.

Motherhood brought years of practical training.  Selling diapers and environmentally sensitive laundry detergent, drying laundry outside and shopping at a food coop helped Sydney to learn more about changing habits to reduce the family footprint on the Earth.

kidsOn the health front, each one of Sydney’s four children experienced common and unique childhood health challenges.  Armed with a doctor’s diagnosis, Sydney chose to turn to nutrition and herbs for healing.  During this time, Sydney and her family became patients of Dr. James D’Adamo, who pioneered the work connecting blood type with diet and lifestyle.  The results they  experienced when following Dr. D’Adamo’s recommendations were remarkable, and this sparked the beginning of Sydney’s journey into holistic nutrition and healing.

Recognizing the importance of physical, mental and spiritual health, Sydney qualified as a yoga instructor in June 2006. The journey into yoga training, yoga teaching and following a yogic lifestyle, has brought years of varying healing modalities together.  Sydney worked as a nutritional consultant, yoga teacher and cooking teacher to children and adults.

mothering Mother is the culmination of all of these trainings, experiences and passions. Teaching and inspiring others to care for the Earth and care for themselves through conscious daily living is second nature to Sydney. As the mothering experience shifts from her immediate family to that of the larger community, Sydney invites you, regardless of gender, to bring natural healing to yourself, and to your world, through your thoughts, words and actions.