Sipping Through the Heat – Hibiscus Iced Tea

The thermometer is in the low 90’s today, and I see from the forecast that tomorrow will be 99ºF! Since we prefer fans in our home to air conditioning, I made a jug of iced tea to help us through the day, and evening. The beautiful red color is healthy for the body, but not for the clothing or furniture! Be mindful, it will stain.

This recipe comes directly from Holistic Squid. Thank you Emily. Just a couple of alterations. Strain the flowers before adding the honey. I found that I needed to add the full 2T of honey for 4 cups of tea. Sweeten to your taste.


Hibiscus Tea Ingredients and supplies

Hibiscus Tea Method

  1. Bring half of the filtered water to a boil in a saucepan.
  2. Add dried hibiscus flowers and turn off heat.
  3. Allow flowers to steep until liquid is a dark inky red.
  4. Add remaining two cup of cool water to concentrated tea before adding raw honey. (This will prevent destroying the good enzymes and probiotics in the raw honey.)
  5. Add honey to achieve desired sweetness while tea is still warm but not hot.
  6. Pour sweetened hibiscus tea into your serving pitcher.
  7. Fill glasses with ice, pour tea, and garnish with optional lime and mint.

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