Fresh Food Starter Set

Fresh Food Starter Set, 8 items

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Product Description

The Fresh Food Care-ier Starter Set shows your commitment to shopping naturally! The set will ease the movement of produce from the cart to the conveyor belt to the car to the refrigerator. For city dwellers it offers ease of carrying the fresh food home.

The large tote is designed specifically to care for your fresh food shopping, and its use will encourage you to increase your fresh food purchasing, making it that much easier to choose the right foods for you and the earth! A helpful way to commit to eliminating plastic entirely from your shopping experience.


Fresh Food Care-ier Tote
Set of 3 Large Produce Bags
Set of 3 Small Produce Bags
Veggie Towel – used to help your vegetables retain moisture at home

Sold as a set of 8 pieces – a great savings! A great green gift!