Monday Recovery

We had a wonderful weekend, a busy weekend, and one that included eating out at restaurants each day. It is Monday and I am resetting the clock internally and in our home.

I am in the midst of about four cooking projects, and I am on the computer sharing with you! All of this busyness has my little heart singing!


What am I preparing? Granola that I started this morning. My Honey (ie husband) is starting a new job today and he needs lots of good nutrients and nourishment to keep him going. So I am pouring all of that, and my love, into a big batch of granola (go to Sydney’s Granola). Into the oven that goes, with a couple of tablespoons of coconut added to the original recipe.

Look at the size of that jar, with the morning sunshine now coming in. This must be an attempt to make up for the missed Valentines gift:)


Next is marinated tofu. The block of tofu sat wrapped in a kitchen towel, with a plate on top of it, for many hours while I went grocery shopping. Pressing the tofu helps to remove some of the water, and then allows more of the marinade to be absorbed by the tofu. This block of tofu has now been cubed, the marinade made and it will go into the refridge.

This is the BEST food to have on hand for quick and easy healthy eating. No cooking necessary (tofu is already cooked) – this tofu instantly accompanies a salad, or cooked grains with cooked greens. This is a personal favorite and helps to keep me eating the foods that I know are best for me (go to Marinated Tofu).


Then I tried out a new recipe for vegan cookies. This recipes uses ripe pureed bananas and applesauce in place of butter. I have included a photo but not the recipe yet. I am going to continue to develop the ingredients and quantities. The photo looks great though! It is just a little teaser!


And then, in the midst of this creating, I steamed up some veg, and made a batch of the tofu dressing. It was just what my body needed after all of the weekend eating. It gave me energy without lethargy, easy digestion and a lightness by bedtime. To the tofu dressing recipe I added some grated ginger, to give it a little kick, and to further aid digestion.

It took time and practice to come to a place where preparing and eating these foods was exciting. For some time it was a lot of work, the food lacked excitement, and I was pulled back to eating foods that were more processed and less healthy. It is a journey that is travelled one meal at a time. Let time works it magic on you, and the tools of transformation slowly work their way into your habits.

I wish you happy and healthy creating in your kitchen. May it be a foundation of love and care for yourself and your family.









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