What makes it so challenging for us to bring ourselves to a place where we value this ancient practice? What makes quietude and non-doing so difficult?

In a nutshell, ourselves! Our minds are stimulated by the senses, and in meditation we reduce the stimulation of the senses. We may ask, what happens in life, who are we, what meaning is there, if we are not busy processing a stimulation from the outer world? Questions only you can answer.

To give a perspective on the situation in our world at this time, with all of the media and technology, Luiza Ormonde offers this:

Excess mental impressions, especially negative ones turn into mental toxins, which cause psychological problems. Not only are we dealing with internal impressions based on our conditioning from childhood but we are also constantly bombarded by impressions from the external world. In daily life the mind encounters too many signals and too many sensations. Increased greed and competition, along with media-generated desires keep us overstressed and isolated.

Therefore, to quiet the mind and understand the difference between needs and desires is our primary task. If we want to live in peace and harmony we must pay attention to natural law, calm down, and come back to ourselves. 

When we live completely in this world, in worldly things, we miss the call of the Universe, of the larger world. The call and language of the Universe does not tax the senses. This language bypasses the filters of the mind and transcends to our personal depths.

Give yourself this gift, learn this ancient art, value it in your life.


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