Meatless Monday Reflection

Reflecting for a moment on the reasons to make the effort and participate in Meatless Monday is what I feel called to discuss. We are moving more and more to a world of awareness of our consumption, both on ourselves and on our world. As the economic cloud holds over the US and Europe, it is a good time to reflect on what we are consuming and why. A shortage of resources will bring up questions of value, priority and purpose. It was during our leanest financial years in this home that I felt a complete union with the actions that I did and the spiral effect that they created.

We were a young family, short on cash, focusing our spending on a home and early education for our children. We made choices on a daily basis, around money, that would allow me to continue to stay in the home and raise our children. At the same time, I was passionate about reducing our “Earth expense” (ie carbon footprint) in our daily lives. Cooking food at home, meals that came from whole ingredients as opposed to packages, nourished our bodies and souls, while keeping the Earth smiling. This contentment wasn’t limited to cooking. I also sewed clothing for special occasions – the joy of watching a child run around in an outfit that I had created with my hands is beyond description! The contextual meaning of things, or food, or events, is so much greater when we pour our time and love into it.

When I first came to the environmental movement I found it overwhelming, both in information and in emotion. So much to learn, so many habits to change, and so few of us doing it. Oh, despair could set in easily! But then it all seemed to come back to the kitchen, it would come back to the fact that everyone gets hungry, and what are you going to eat? Connecting through food made so many other choices more manageable. My body started to vibrate with this “earthiness” that eased the strain of other behaviors that required changes. Reducing our family footprint started to become a creative game for us – how could we go on an outing and come home without waste, including diaper waste? Now this Earth Living became “want to” actions as opposed to a “should do” actions.

True change does not happen quickly. This Meatless Monday nudge will work its magic on you if you allow it to enter into your life as a weekly habit. And when it is most inconvenient, that is when you will develop the greatest strength and growth around it.

So, happy Meatless Monday! May the reverberation of your intentional Earth and Health action bring greater ease to your green living choices, where we all benefit. “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” (

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