Just 10 Minutes

This is the time that it took for me to put together this beautiful lunch. Oh, I was so tempted to continue nibbling on the chocolate that I had around noon. It was 2pm, and I was getting hungry, and the cupboard was reasonably bare.

What is keeping me on track today. A couple of things. I watched a trailer about the author of a series called “Crazy Sexy Diet.” Wow, why wait until cancer is chasing you to eat pure healthy foods! Thank you Kris for sharing your journey.

As well, last month I looked at the Dr Dean Ornish book review for Eat More, Weigh Less. When I studied Holistic Nutrition I remember looking at this diet, and it was determined to be a little light on fat for the average person. Still, I found that for me it was a reminder of how easy it is to eat too much fat, even if it is a healthy fat, just for convenience. So, rather than taking the easy way out for lunch with a rice cake and a nut butter, I pulled together the stir fry below. Truly, it took less than 10 minutes.

Whatever it takes for each of us, there are so many justifications to eat prepared and processed foods. Time, convenience, ease….but those reasons don’t have the same quality and depth as the reasons to eat a whole foods, plant-based diet. Your reasons to eat well are within you. Filter past the justifications to find your motivation to move healthy eating up a notch on the ladder of life!

Below is a description and some pictures of the simple creation. Keeping it simple helps me to keep myself on track.

Lunch – Red kidney beans came out of the freezer in the morning. In the crisper I had small heirloom zucchinis, some green/red pepper and kale from the garden of a friend. In no time the zucchini and peppers went into the wok first, no lid, just a little water to saute. After a couple of minutes the kale, which I sauted for 1 minute and then added the kidney beans to warm through. The stir fry went into my homespun Buddha Bowl (see blog post Portion Size), topped with some dry roasted sesame seeds (lightly dry roast (no oil, no water) the sesame seeds in the wok when the stir fry is finished, the seeds will start to ‘dance’ when they are ready to go on your food!) and shoyu sauce (tamari) and black pepper. Delicious!



Follow lunch with a little sweetness – dark chocolate, or a cookie, topped with a hug or loving words with someone special in your life!

Shanthi (Peace)



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