Home Care

Each of us has the creativity to awaken to increased “Earth Living”. Once you begin to enter the zone, as soon as you care as passionately for the Earth as you do for others in your life, it will become easy to think and plan for greater benefit.

There is no shortage of resources available that offer ideas and information about the health of the planet, and what we can do to help out. Here at mothering Mother we focus on the choices made when grocery shopping, and how those products are transported and stored. We are all about food, and in particular Earth Food, Earth Eating.

From this platform, we have shared facts and insights to bring further awareness and understanding of how much our food choices effect the Earth, as well as ourselves. Eating is an activity that we engage in with great frequency, probably secondary only to breathing, and so the impact is great.

Much of the information that we receive in the media regarding food is centered around calories and adulteration of food. On motheringMother.com, we are providing an alternate approach to the food consumption question, with Mother Nature as the center of concern.

What can you do beyond using the cotton bags for produce and bulk items? One way is to consider additional areas of your consumption that affect the environment.

Eating Naturally

Meat Consumption