Each moment that we are here on Earth, we are creating a footprint. There is emphasis now on the term “carbon footprint”. It is wonderful that everyone is becoming aware of the carbon emission situation. Does anyone really know how to calculate this footprint without educational assistance?

From the large “carbon footprint” generated by driving a car, to the smaller and less noticeable expenses like the tiny beings that we inadvertently step on when we are walking, we are leaving a mark, a footprint, on the Earth. Even our inhaling and exhaling causes atmospheric and energetic exchanges.

Becoming aware of our activity is the first step to developing new ways of thinking. This can in turn lead to new ways of being. How can we do this? Well, it begins with you and only you! If your change in awareness, thinking, and habits brings joy, happiness, and fulfillment to you, fantastic. If these changes bring joy and happiness to the Earth and all its creatures, fantastic. As free thinking beings, we have the ability to choose the way in which we live our lives. This is our personal choice. Leading by example (an excited and enthused example) can do more for a community mentality than any level of cajoling and nagging. Margaret Meade said it best with her quote,


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


We have all experienced this first hand. Have you ever tried to make someone close to you mimic your patterns of behavior? It can be an exercise in frustration and disappointment. Carry on doing your thing. Teach your children, they will get it much sooner than those of your generation or older, and then let the children encourage others with their youthful energy and charm!

You have each moment to look, listen, experience, and change. Nothing in the next moment needs to stay as it is in this moment. Discover your own creativity as you discover ways to do some of the things that you love to do, but now in a way that gives pleasure to you and to the Earth.

Here is an example. When eating at restaurants the portion sizes tend to be large, and often food is not finished. Or, food is finished and the feeling of overeating ensues. Try this: go to your favorite restaurant and take several food storage containers with you. Pack them all up in your reusable shopping bag. Take these containers to the restaurant, and when you have eaten enough food, store the leftovers in the containers and take them home.

It is a win-win-win situation! You will feel better about yourself for not overeating, you will have leftovers to enjoy at the next meal or the next day (eating them sooner is better) and you do not have the guilt of excess packaging from the experience! No waste on any front!

From this small example, go out and create! All of us need you as an inspiring example of how much beauty is in simplicity. Enjoy!


Use the link below to calculate an estimate of your family’s greenhouse gas emission: