Food and Recipes

Shopping, cooking and sharing food with others has been a lifelong joy for me. Even when I trained as a Cordon Bleu Cook in London I had started to step out of the “normal” realm of eating because I had given up meat, for digestive reasons. At that time in my life not eating meat meant that there was more room for desserts! My alternative protein sources were solely from dairy. I knew very little about protein complements, and I certainly had not ventured near tofu, or tempeh, or seitan. Frances Moore Lappe’s book “Diet for a Small Planet”, with its complimentary book of recipes, introduced me to legumes and grains for protein, but I really craved the heavier feel that dairy offered.

The food philosophies that I embrace have emerged over the course of 30 years. Working with a naturopath and training as a holistic nutritionist pushed me into further examination and critiquing of what I was eating. Developing new habits took time, and there were times when I would slip back, sometimes for months at a time. But each time I retreated to some of my earlier habits I never went back to the beginning, and it took less and less time to rebound out. When you feel better, because you are eating the foods that work in harmony with your own body, you never return to the same level of awareness. You are already different, you have that memory in your cells.

Browse through the pages. Learn more about food groups and the basics of nutrition. Then, get started in simple easy ways! It is worth it, for your health, and for the Earth’s health.