Will using these bags really make a difference?
Any steps made toward conscious earth living are noticed. If these efforts seem to have not made a noticable differrence in the world, they at least have made a difference within you. And all journeys begin with a single step…

To reduce the cost of plastic production, disposal and recycling, every step counts. To learn more, download an informational pdf.

Can I store food in the bags in the refrigerator?
Absolutely! All food is fine in the bags, and produce with a high water content will benefit from extra protection to keep it moist. Try covering lettuces and leafy greens with a dampened kitchen towel or dampen the cotton bag itself. More information on vegetable care is available on the products page.

What about organic cotton?
While organic unbleached cotton is an ideal choice for earthly living, part of our mission at mothering Mother is to halt the “plastic habit” by getting the bags into the hands of as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. To achieve that mission, we must be sensitive to the price that most people will/can pay for this new product. Organic cotton bags will eventually be part of our selection when it becomes a more affordable option for our customers, so keep an eye out for them.

We chose unbleached cotton because it is minimally “treated,” and therefore less impacful on the environment during production. Leaving the fabric color natural allows you to see the dirt on the bag (and need for washing) and ensures that color dyes do not leach onto your beautiful fresh produce.

Why is there printing on each bag?

Under the logo is the tare weight of the bag. Tare weight is a term used by retailers that tells how much the bag itself weighs, so that weight can be deducted at the scales when weighing the produce.

We believe that the presence of the mothering Mother logo will help to remind each of us of a committment to earth living that goes beyond the cotton bags. This website, as you may have experienced, is designed to also be a source of this encouraged earth-sensitive living – and so the products, like our name, carry a reminder for you!

Why and how do I wash the bags?
The bags ideally should be washed before use. The cotton is not preshrunk, and it does best washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. Washing the bags inside out ensures that all of the leftover vegetable bits are cleaned out. Hang the bags to dry; the heat of the dryer may cause shrinkage. For more on laundering, see our Laundry page.

What's the best way to remember to take the bags to the store?

There are lots of different tricks to remembering cotton bags that we use here at mothering Mother.

  • Once the produce bags are clean, put them inside the larger shopping totes so the “gear” is altogether
  • Place the shopping bags next to the door, so that you see them on the way out
  • Put them in your car before going shopping but somewhere that will serve as a reminder (not in the trunk!)
  • A favorite: if you have children put them “in charge” of remembering to bring the shopping bags to the store; children love having a responsibility they can handle, and it shares out the forming of new habits
Will my food last as long in a cotton bag as in a plastic bag?

We believe that the food will last as long and possibly longer if stored properly in a mothering Mother cotton drawstring bag. Firstly it is better for any fresh food to be in an environment that is free of possible exposure to and contact with plastic. Plastic suffocates most things, and this would include fresh food.

Secondly, vegetables with a high water content (lettuces, leafy greens) need a dampened environment to ensure continued hydration. The cotton bags, when dampened, allow the air to circulate, and help to hold the hydration for these vegetables.

Many vegetables can be stored in the cotton bags without extra care. Many vegetables and fruits can be stored without a bag.
See Care of Food for tips on how to manintain hydration and store vegetables and fruit.

Where can I purchase mothering Mother bags?

Mothering Mother bags are available at several stores listed on the Partners page of this website. If the bags are not available at a retailer close to you then you can purchase them through our online store.

Is there a guarantee for the bags?
With proper laundering and air drying the bags should last many years. However, if there is a problem in the first 30 days after purchase then we will replace the cotton bag.

What does tare weight mean?
Under the logo is the tare weight of the bag. Tare weight is a term used by retailers that tells how much the bag itself weighs, so that weight can be deducted at the scales when weighing the produce.

The tag left a small hole, does this go away?
Absolutely. Once you wash the bag, the cotton will tighten up and the hole will dissapear!

Where are your bags produced?
Our bags are manufactured in India. Read about how they are made.