Holistic Counseling may be the starting point you are looking for to initiate change in your life. Lifelong habits take time and understanding to alter. Attachments to foods and the subsequent relationship that we have with eating, may be difficult to recognize in ourselves.

I travelled the road to healthy eating with a naturopath who gave me pieces of information and guidelines. This was immensely helpful for me. Even though he provided me with a strict eating plan, at the beginning I felt overwhelmed at the work that it took for me to shop and eat this way. Each meal felt like a huge effort, and I was a trained cook! It was such a new way to approach cooking and eating. Add to all of this my family – getting them to follow my lead took time, persistence and creativity!

Ten years after starting with the naturopath, I trained as a Holistic Nutritionist. This gave an expanded understanding of the role the mind, emotions and spirit play in the healing and health journey. We are dynamic beings who are constantly changing and nutrition plays a large role, but not the only role, in our health and well being.

From the holistic approach to nutrition I furthered my studies in Yoga & Meditation. This experience I describe as the “emulsifier”! It brought the nutrition, natural healing and holistic health all together.

I look forward to learning about your diet and lifestyle challenges, and to working with you to create positive changes to your daily habits.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu

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