The New Normal


Another Monday has arrived and I am plagued with the anticipatory dread of planning a grocery shop.  Faced with the ever present questions and demands… Which snacks to buy to keep my kids happy while also trying to maintain some […] Read more »

Anna’s Bagel Dilemna


As I already mentioned in previous posts, I do not like to label myself as ‘vegan’, ‘vegetarian’, ‘environmentalist’ or …whatever. Instead, I prefer to take each meal or shopping trip as an opportunity to practice making mindful choices and decisions. […] Read more »

Introducing Anna’s Experience – A Walk Into Whole Foods Shopping & Eating


I am not radical…I am just a regular suburban mother. I have studied and practiced yoga since I was pregnant with my second daughter. Over the years it has shifted my life perspective, little by little. Generally I do not […] Read more »