Care of Bags

All mothering Mother bags are made from natural unbleached cotton. Because they are easily washable, there is less of a chance of them retaining the bacteria that live in many recycled bags made of non-natural materials.

  •  Wash bags before initial use in a gentle cycle of cold water, without bleach, and hang to dry
  • To lengthen the lifetime of the bags, wash in the kitchen sink, rinse out, squeeze and hang to dry
  • Warm water, long wash cycles, bleach and dryer heat will shorten the life of the bags
  • Wash the bags inside out to ensure the removal of food particles
  • Turn right side out before taking to the store
  • Store all of the bags inside one large produce bag so that they are easily accessible when at the store

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Notes for use of bulk bags:

  • Open with tabs
  • Fill bags, mini will also fit at the bottom of a gravity bin
  • Mini filled is approx 2 cups
  • Medium filled is approx 8 cups
  • Large filled is approx a lot!
  • Transfer all foods from the cotton bags to glass jars
  • Pour out food items carefully by opening only part of the closure at the top
  • Wash bag after every use
  • To wash turn the bag inside out and keep turning the Velcro until it attaches again (this way the bags can be washed with other laundry without the concern of Velcro damaging clothing)
  • Wash in cold water preferably, no bleach, no dryer (will shrink Velcro and cotton)
  • Hang to dry
  • To open bag when dry, pull cotton sides apart until the bag opens and then turn right side out
  • Bags are great for all bulk dry goods, and as snack bags… the sky is the limit!