Bracelet Workshop

Saturday, Oct 14th
11am & 2pm
Peaceful Beading Workshop
Beading is a fun way to be creative, to play with colors and shapes, while in an atmosphere that allows you to peacefully focus on making your unique bracelet.
Malas / Prayer Beads are used all over the world as a tool in meditation.
Wearing your personalized bracelet is a gentle tool that can remind you to turn within for calm when life is saying otherwise. Just touching the beads can be calming, relaxing, put a smile on your face.
This is something we can all use these days, more than ever.
Many of you know of Susan’s bracelets. Now you have a chance to get your creative juices going and express yourself!
Gentle yoga music, meaningful and relevant story telling, this workshop is open to everyone. This may be a fun way to spend time with a child, or with a friend.
Workshop Facilitator: Susan Skrocki
1 Hour 
Christ Church Library
1415 Pelhamdale Ave
Pelham, NY
$25 per person – $45 for parent/child
Space is Limited – Register Online